Colombia - Finca Veracruz Geisha

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Product Description

Normally each Veracruz lot is comprisedof between 3 to 5 days’ picking. However, this Geisha lot has been painstakingly pulped,fermented and washed by hand to ensure the optimal quality. Every step of the process has been measured and tested to ensure the next batch is even better.Santa Barbara has traditionally used silo drying as a reliable drying method. Parchment coffee is loaded into drying silos, which are then operated at around 60% of their heat capacity in order to slowly dry and better preserve the coffee. In silo drying, the temperature never reaches beyond 40-45 degrees, and the farms have always had an excellent result from the process. 



Farm:Finca Veracruz, Santa Bárbara Estate Owner:Echavarria Family
Varietal:Geisha Town/City:Amagá
Processing:Fermented , Washed and dried o n raised beds Region: Antioquia - Colombia
Altitude: 1,650 metres above sea level
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