About Tapa® Coffee

Vegetarian & Vegan – Hand Roasted Coffee – Organic Breads

Your only Tapa® in Scotland is here to serve you with our freshly made environmental friendly healthy vegetarian food, ethically sourced, chosen for flavour, hand roasted Tapa® Coffee & overnight baked Tapa® Organic Bread. We have been serving our customers in Glasgow for over a decade, & now with our online shop you can have Tapa Coffee delivered anywhere in the UK, or click and collect our award winning organic breads.

Tapa® Coffee & Bakehouse (Tapa® Organic) was originally established by a couple from New Zealand at, 21 Whitehill Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow, G31 2LH, Scotland– UK. The business grew and was taken over by a Scottish couple with a total of four Tapa® branches in Scotland. However, at present we have no branches in Glasgow. 

The current owners bought the original Tapa®, the Dennistoun branch along with the Tapa® name, all the rights, skilled staff, more importantly, the Tapa® Bakery & the Tapa® Coffee, including full control/rights over Tapa Social media accounts.

Has Tapa® got any Branches?

We have no branches. Our shop is at 21 Whitehill Street, Dennistoun G31 2LH 

At Tapa® Dennistoun, we bake our Tapa® Organic Breads & we roast our Tapa® Coffee.  Apart from the two branches, if any other Tapa® exists, it has no association with Tapa® Coffee & Bakehouse and our Organic Breads, and Tapa® Coffee is NOT available at any other Tapa.

Legacy and Sense of Community

We bake our Organic Breads using the recipe we have been using for over a decade. Prior to the Tapa Bakehouse, the place (Tapa Dennistoun) was a bakery for over 80 years. Therefore, there is a sense of legacy that Tapa carries, in terms of Baking Breads. Over a decade ago Tapa Coffee was added to the place. (19-21 Whitehill Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow G31 2LH)

Together, now Tapa Coffee & Bakehouse has loyal customers (Tapa Community) who have been drinking Tapa Coffee for over 13 years and buying Tapa® Bread, including from as far as Highlands, Edinburgh and Dundee.

We pride in the trust Tapa® Community/customers have in us and whatever changes we make, we will always listen to the Tapa® Community, this is why we call our customers, Tapa® community. Though with time, the geographical spread of our community has grown and now with our new online shopping it will spread further, we will maintain our ethos. 

Origin of the name Tapa®?

It is certainly not from the Spanish word Tapa(s) (appetizer or snacks). Yes, you read it right,

Our Tapa® name means Bark Cloth, made in New Zealand and other Islands of the Pacific Oceans. 

“Bark cloth, or tapa, is not a woven material, but made from bark that has been softened through a process of soaking and beating. The inner bark is taken from several types of trees or shrubs, often mulberry and fig, and designs are applied with paints and vegetable dyes of light brown, red, and black.”

Vegetarian, Vegan & Healthy Food

Tapa® is totally vegetarian with many vegan options. We strongly believe in natural, healthy, fresh and ethical food. We always strive to serve the best possible food & coffee.

Tapa® Breads are Organic Breads in Glasgow, baked overnight and served fresh in the morning.

Environmental Friendly & Zero Waste

We believe in protecting the environment, not just for us but for the future generations. We do our bit for the environment,

  1. All our reusable cutlery (cups, spoons etc.) including bin liners are compostable and or biodegradable.

  2. Cleaning materials we use are (as much as possible) environmental friendly & sourced carefully. 

  3. As much as possible, we avoid food waste on a daily basis.

Honest and Upfront

We believe in being honest and upfront with our Tapa® Community/customers in whatever we do and we are happy to receive honest feedback from our Tapa® Community.

Become a Tapa Partner

If you want to give your customers with the choice of genuine Organic Breads (Glasgow’s only Soil Association certified Organic Baker) by selling Tapa Breads at your shop or want your customers to enjoy our hand roasted specialist Tapa Coffee, please contact us.

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