Scottish Bakers Award Winner Tapa Organic Breads are Baked Fresh Overnight – Our Artisan Breads are Only Soil Association Certified Organic Breads in Glasgow.

Welcome to Tapa® Coffee & Bakehouse

Tapa® Organic Breads are baked fresh overnight by our skilled bakers. We have been baking organic breads at our only Tapa® in Dennistoun, Glasgow, for more than a decade. We use traditional Tapa® recipes to bake the variety of hand-made Tapa® breads with quality & natural ingredients.

Tapa® Bakehouse carries a legacy, as the place used to be a bakery for over 80 years. Tapa® has built on the legacy of the place to produce the award winning Organic Breads in Glasgow.

We have added Tapa Coffee to the place, together, now Tapa® Coffee & Bakehouse has loyal customers (Tapa® Community) who have been drinking Tapa® Coffee for over 10 years and buying Tapa® Breads, including from as far as Highlands, Edinburgh and Dundee.

We use natural ingredients to bake your most loved Tapa® breads & source our ingredients carefully to ensure quality, traceability with ethical considerations.

We respect and thank the Tapa® Community for the trust they have shown in Tapa® for over a decade & we promise to work with the Tapa® Community to provide fresh, healthy, vegetarian, organic and as much as possible ethically sourced food & coffee.

We welcome new members to the Tapa® Community & enjoy Tapa® Organic Breads and freshly roasted Tapa® Coffee.

Order online

Order online, range of Tapa hand roasted specialist Coffee & get them delivered anywhere in the UK. Tapa Breads need collecting from Tapa at 21 Whitehill Street Dennistoun or from Tapa at 14 Minard Road in Shawlands.

Superior Taste New Dishes with Our Customers Choices

Become a Tapa Partner

If you want to give your customers with the choice of genuine Organic Breads (Glasgow’s only Soil Association certified Organic Baker) by selling Tapa Breads at your shop or want your customers to enjoy our hand roasted specialist Tapa Coffee, please contact us.

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