El Guabo

Product Description

El Guabo tastes clean and sweet with bright acidity, juicy mouth feel and notes of cherry and honey. Well balanced with a clean, slightly bitter finish. El Guabo Estate is made up of a community of farmers that consists of 120 families who each have a farm of three hectares on average. The excellent coffee that they produce is certified by OCIA and IMO/NATURLAND. Coffee is the mainstay of the economy and the community lives from what they earn selling the coffee beans. To supplement their income and to provide for their families, many of the families also grow other products such as bananas, yucca and corn. The coffee is processed using the washed method, where the fruit is removed from the bean using a water pulper. The parchment-covered bean is then left to soak in water,which removes the rest of the fruity pulp, before going out onto patios and screens to dry. This process helps develop the coffee’s citrus sweetness. With the help of Perales Huancaruna SAC (PERHUSA) organic certification programme, the small producers have organised themselves into groups to produce their coffee with technical support from PERHUSA. PERHUSA is a coffee miller & exporter which started developing organic programs in the early 90s. PERHUSA is committed to advising the farmer communities on organic farming and systems as well as providing technicalhelp with quality improvements. They started by identifying communities with good growing conditions such as mature shade trees, high altitude and dedicated farmers. They are committed to providing the growers with all the support they require, not only to improve their standard of living but also to protect the diversity of flora and fauna. Special attention is also paid to the characteristics of the soil, the environment, altitude, shade cover, biodiversity, climatic factors, local customs and topography. All of these factors contribute to the unique cup profile of El Guabo.


Farm:El Guabo Owner:El Guabo Growers' Association
Varietal:Bourbon Caturra Catimor Pache Tipica Town/City:San Ignacio region
Processing:Fully washed and dried on a patio Region: Cajamarca, North Eastern Peru
Altitude: 1250 - 1450 metres
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