Colombia - Finca Barcelona

Product Description

Farm: Finca Barcelona

Varietal(s): Castillo

Processing: Fully washed & dried in silos, guardiolas or patios

Altitude: 1,680 to1,750 metres above sea level
Owner: Flor de Apía SAS
Town: Apía, Vereda Miravalles
Region: Risaralda
Country: Colombia

In 2010 a Belgian naval officer, Pierre Dumont, visited his good friend Mario Alexander Grajales in his hometown of

Apía, in Colombia’s coffee zone of Riseralda.

He was fascinated by the beauty of the high mountain landscape and the hospitality of the local people. He decided he wanted to set down roots here. Mario had also been interested in investing in a farm, and together the two of them found a local farm for sale - the Finca Barcelona, so-named by its former Barça-loving owner. Together they decided to attempt a daring project, which over time has been rewarded.


Flor de Apía S.A.S owns a wet mill locally, where they have installed top of the line, Pinalese equipment that works to conserve the quality of the coffee, every step of the way. The company’s mill has their top of the line facilities at Finca Barcelona, just across the road from El Nivel. During the harvest seasons, every day coffee is collected there and moved in the afternoon to the mill.

When the coffee reaches the mill, it is sorted by the Pinalese machines twice: first to remove stones and debris and then to remove any non-optimal cherries. The coffee is then pulped and fermented for around 16 hours. Flor de Apía keep strict records of every lot they process, and they have reported that this particular lot was dried in a vertical silo with an agitation system and whose heat source is the husk that results from threshing the coffee. Coffee is dried at around 40 degrees, very slowly (56 hours for this lot).

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