BSCA Espresso 1Kg

Product Description

The BSCA Espresso Number 1 Blend has a complex flavour with a toasty finish. It contains coffees grown by members of the quality-obsessed Brazil Speciality Coffee Association and is the espresso we use in the cafes. This blend is made with some of the finest naturals, pulped naturals and fully washed coffees produced in the Bahia, Cerrado, Mogiana and Sul de Minas regions of Brazil, carefully mixed to enhance body, aroma and natural sweetness. This is a smooth, velvety, very well balanced coffee with hints of sweet milk chocolate and nuts, sugar browning sweetness and soft acidity. It has always been a hit with those who like slightly “stronger” coffee. The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) was founded in 1991 through the initiative of 12 producers who looked beyond their time, envisioning the commercial opportunities that investing in quality would bring. Brazil is one of the world’s biggest coffee producers but not all coffee is produced to the standards required of BSCA members. BSCA is a non-profit association that brings together people and companies in the internal and external specialty coffee markets, seeking to disseminate and stimulate technological improvement in the production, commercialization and industrialization of these products, in addition to promoting, mainly in the coffee areas, environmental preservation and the environmentally sustainable development through programs, projects and partnerships with public or private, domestic or foreign, entities. The objective of BSCA is, through research, to spread of quality control techniques and promote products, to elevate the standards of excellence of Brazilian coffees offered in the internal and external markets. Nevertheless, it is the only Brazilian institution to certify lots and monitor specialty coffee quality control seals, with comprehensive tracking via individual numbering, which can be consulted by the consumer through the site (

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